What's Your Secret Sauce?™ Explore the More!

"I am more than just your Project Manager, I am also a Free Lance Technology Blogger and that gives me a unique BRAND VALUE that's worth much more to your organization."-Olivia T.

Our Purpose: We believe what you do is NOT who you are and that every one possesses a magic that can't be bought, taught or duplicated. We call this the Secret Sauce and our purpose is to help every individual discover theirs, so they can find their work love balance and corporations can enjoy a healthy thriving work-place culture. "Work Love Balance, when what you do and who you are, officially start dating!"


Our Goal: Our goal is to show individuals and corporations how to experience more Confidence, Culture and Competitive Advantage in their day to day lives thru discovering, developing and marketing their Secret Sauce better than ever before. Everyone's personal Secret Sauce offers a unique brand value to the world, which is why regardless of title and experience, no two people are the same.

Our Claim to Fame: Our overarching claim to fame is revealing the marketable brand value that many are currently taking for granted as well as, transforming one's dynamic make-up from conflict to complimentary so that their differences work in their favor. 

Secret Sauce Side Effects: Although this program was designed to show people the power of using their highest and best potential thru combining personal talents with their professional strengths to create brand uniqueness, people have reported the following side effects below:

1.) Sales Teams have had faster customer acquisition, career promotions and achieved their goals by mastering their message more effectively for greater impact.

2.) HR Managers and Recruiters have put together award winning teams thru understanding the various Sauces, they were able to pair power partners in accordance with the needs of the project.

3.) Candidates and Business Owners were noticed faster because What's Your Secret Sauce helps you to quickly discover and state your MUSIC amidst the NOISE of commonality.

4.) Entrepreneurs redefined what it meant to be an entrepreneur once they discovered their new found purpose and begin living in it.

5.) Business Owners and Working Professionals have earned higher profits or income by clearly stating their value with more confidence


Our Gift to you: In a world of group think and collaborative efforts, we wanted to show people that it still paid to be an individual who could contribute  to the power of team by understanding one's own brand value! We wanted them to feel empowered knowing that they are More than a mom. More than a Dad. More than a Bank Teller, Attorney, Author, Shop Owner, Web designer, Sales Manager, Software Engineer, Day Care Worker, News Anchor, Realtor, etc. Each of them represented a unique Brand Value and based on knowing that, could operate more purposefully, intentionally and collaboratively. Each of us has something greater to offer this world and now What's Your Secret Sauce?™ has pioneered a new way to help discover, develop and market that brand value better than ever before. We give you permission to seek talent and skill outside of the in-box of normality!

Getting Started: Getting Started is simple. It begins with you, the person with the goals taking the first step. Simply complete the Step 1 Secret Sauce Discovery Assessment which is designed to reveal your Secret Sauce Factor in a matter of minutes. Upon Completion, Step 2, will provide a Secret Sauce-value report outlining your Secret Sauce values, Areas of improvements, Best partner pairings and other Sauces-Types that can use your skills accompanied by a mp4 audio debriefing from the founder, sharing additional Secret Sauce insights.This information will be emailed to you within 24hrs of your initial discovery assessment. Your Secret Sauce Discovery assessment covers Steps 1 and 2 which are issued by clicking the Purchase Assessment Button below.  Click the button now to get started.



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