Question 1: How does it work?

Answer 1: The initial assessment is designed to obtain 10 responses from the 'secret saucer' collecting personal talents and professional strengths. Next, we use a wild card question to align the 'secret saucer' to one of our 5 Secret Sauce factors. Based on their response to the wild card question, the 'secret saucer' places themselves into the most appropriate of the 5 categories or Sauce Factors. From there, a full Secret Sauce is revealed .

Question 2: How is What's Your Secret Sauce Different from other behavioral assessments?

Answer 2: This program is about celebrating your 'whole-self value' and combines personal talents with professional strengths to show 'secret saucers' how the combination can work in unison to add more value to their entire life and the world around them. For example: We believe there's a combined value in you being a Sr. Project Manager by Day and a Lead Guitarist by night.

Question 3: How do you test the accuracy of the reports?

Answer 3: What's Your Secret Sauce first began in our coaching practice, successfully building a large number of business brands before evolving into an online accessible tool. The tool has frequent and satisfied users which yield favorable results with an exceptional level of accuracy and positive reviews .

Question 4: Who should use this tool and program?

Answer 4: Anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their own personal value or looking to enrich interpersonal relationships .

Question 5: What comes with my initial assessment?

Answer 5: Your assessment includes, a Secret Sauce Super Power Report explaining what it all means for you and downloadable audio from the creator, Secret Sauce Growth Strategist, Dawn Nicole, who 'll provide additional insight on your Secret Sauce Type .

Question 6: When will I get my initial assessment results?

Answer 6: You will be able to determine your Secret Sauce Factor in a matter of minutes of taking the full assessment. Your following Secret Sauce Super Power Report explaining what it all means and downloadable audio, will arrive to your email within 24 hours of submitting your assessment form .

Question 7:Is it possible that a person can have two Sauce Types?

Answer 7: Each person has at-least 2 Sauce Types, a major and minor sauce. This explains conflicting variables in many and offers reason around how we can LOVE something yet TOLERATE another. In other words many people do what they must to sustain and may be GOOD at it, yet not LOVE it. Our tool's main focus is driven by your Major Sauce, the primary sauce identified via the initial assessment .

Question 8: How will I know my second sauce?

Answer 8: Each person will be able to quickly spot their second Sauce Type because it's the one they are inclined to choose since it represents who they are most of the time. However, What's Your Secret Sauce is designed to discover your "Major" or "Primary" Secret Sauce Type based off of a wild card question and not who you think you are most of the time .

Question 9: Can I use this tool on my clients?

Answer 9: Yes. What's Your Secret Sauce is perfect for Professionals whose businesses’ rely heavily on selecting talent or skills based on specific requirements (i.e. Recruiters and HR Teams), or whose focus is understanding interpersonal relationships and behaviors in order to provide a solution (i.e. Consultants, Coaches or Therapists.) Regardless of how you’ll use it, we offer a special program for those who’ll use it for client facing assessments. Find out more by contacting us via the below form .

Question 10: Can What's Your Secret Sauce help in my personal life?

Answer 10: Yes. What's Your Secret Sauce is about 'whole-self value' discovery of oneself and others, regardless of a role. Some use it to help guide them towards a higher purpose in life while others use it to strengthen a relationship with a loved one or partner. Regardless of why you use it, What's Your Secret Sauce will address and empower 5 Areas of Purpose .

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