Secret Sauce Coupleprenuers™ - Dawn Nicole and Demario

Founders of What's Your Secret Sauce?™, Hosts of the "Good Morning Success" talk show and Creators of 7 Ways You Should Be Getting Paid Right Now Doing what you Love, Speaks to Insiders about the Secret to a Successful Business and Romance!

Secret Sauce Coupleprenuers Dawn Nicole and Demario, are Expert Solutionists to a National Market of Business Owners and Industry Professionals who call them when they need help showcasing their top-talents to key-people, on and off-line. 

Recently, Dawn Nicole and Demario's Brand Development and Marketing Company, GrowGetter, was highlighted and interviewed in the Charlotte Business Resources Blog where they were credited with leading Entrepreneurs through Discovering their Secret Sauce in order to gain more success.

This Secret Sauce Super Duo's competitive advantage is that while most companies require detailed data to assess one’s potential and only focuses on the discovery of strengths, through only 10 questions, they’ve revolutionized an automated way for people to discover, develop and market the value of their personal brands. This results in helping them achieve more success in less time. 

Dawn Nicole and Demario are not just the founders of “What’s Your Secret Sauce? ™”, even more, they are daily super users of their Secret Sauces which aids in growing their business and relationship while teaching others to do the same. They bring a unique set of skills to the table allowing their clients to experience the best of both worlds.

Demario is a Soy Sauce, meaning his Success Factor is Speed - Critical Thinking who connects dots quickly, while Dawn Nicole is an Unagi Sauce, meaning her Success Factor is Uniqueness- An innovator who offers her clients the leading–edge thru more creative solutions and the best new-ideas, first. 

This potent mix of Soy and Unagi sauces (i.e. Speed and Uniqueness) comes from two very successful and different past life careers. Demario, a World Traveled Self-Taught Musician and Dawn Nicole a Published Author, Playwright and Director of two critically acclaimed stage plays. 

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The couple’s Music and Fine-arts background is now coupled with business acumen, entrepreneurial edge and strategy insights that harmoniously blend together to give people the power to be the music amidst the noise of commonality through Discovering their Secret Sauce! Their clients benefit most by this because they end up with customized in-demand brands that Opens more doors in less time, Creates Raving Fans and Gets them paid what they are worth. 

Dawn Nicole and Demario call it Secret Sauce for everyday living. Life, Love and Business and can be found on their daily Talk Show called “Good Morning Success”, as well as, on National Stages leading others thru their own discovery! Be sure to catch one of their upcoming workshops


Tour Dates: July 2017 Richmond, VA & Chesapeake, VA l August 2017 Charlotte, NC| October 2017 Atlanta, GA