My name is Attorney Anitra, but people know me as the Legal Niche Matchmaker. Law students and attorneys call me when they can’t find jobs or ideal clients. What these individuals don’t realize is that we all operate in the business of law in some capacity. Firm owners and associates alike are responsible for adding to the bottom line of a legal business. I help attorneys embrace this idea and fall in love with their legal careers by uncovering meaningful connections based on the attorney’s unique value. This makes generating revenue much easier and even fun.

For example, I recently helped a young solo attorney find his niche market in just one afternoon. He left with a strategy for cornering his market with a variety of legal solutions he enjoyed spending time on. Most consulting programs don’t understand the mental blocks attorneys have when it comes to understanding the business aspect of law. Not only do I help future and current attorneys find and articulate their value, I’ve created systems that result in attorneys feeling confident and excited about their role in the business of law. I’ve developed this system because I thrive in environments that allow me to create structure around my expertise to provide diligent solutions.


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