Meet The Creator... Dawn Nicole, The Chief GrowGetter!

Discovering her Secret Sauce became increasingly important to Dawn Nicole, because she spent over a decade observing advancement opportunities that couldn't be explained.

As a Corporate Leader in Banking Technology by day, she was a corporate board room bandit who managed compliance issues for highly-visible projects. By night, Dawn Nicole was a creative-arts connoisseur, who produced and directed stage plays, short story films and romance novels. She spent nearly 20 years living a double-life while never quite understanding how her two worlds aligned and if so, what it all meant for her.

Dawn’s creative-art skills weren't exactly welcomed in her work profession and in the creative-community, people weren’t beating down her door to be tamed by her corporate structure. Her total opposite skill-sets, weren't exactly a complimentary pairing. Or were they?

What if the real fallacy was, that no one had ever taken time to see how the two could co-exist to create something greater? Something that could bring value to the other. Something remarkably powerful, on a unified front, that could only be derived from striking the right balance between the two; for a potent mix. Something like… a Secret Sauce!

A rebel without a cause, Dawn Nicole was obsessed with this concept, yet at the time, had no real motive for digging deeper. She often found herself trying to make sense of her own radical talent combination, thinking... "God doesn't make mistakes and people are far more than the 60% they present themselves to be when they show up to work."

To pique her curiosity further, she remembered paying strict attention to fellow corporate consultants who quickly moved-up the ranks, advancing to Executive Leadership in no time. She noticed they too, had "ambidextrous talents", much like herself. Dawn Nicole paid attention to this phenomenon, and often observed its essence repeated in different facets throughout her career. Many people were unknowingly leaning on their dual strengths, pulling them in scope to create more value project by project.

Dawn’s theory was eventually proven and propelled in 2015, when she left the corporate arena to create GrowGetter, a Strategic Growth Consulting Business. As CEO and President, she vowed to enact the best of both of her skills, only to quickly discover, it indeed, created a POTENT RECIPE FOR HER SUCCESS!

Showing up confidently as a creative visionary who applied corporate structure, allowed her to quickly kill the chaos, while keeping visions alive and business owners could not get enough. She grew the practice into a national customer base with a thriving community of social media followers, who exuded brand loyalty, all in one year. There was definitely something to be said for discovering and coining their Secret Sauce.

GrowGetter later went on to create and grow successful in-demand brands for other businesses thru their Secret Sauce Strategies. They desired for everyone, of any industry, or sector, to discover their Secret Sauce and personal brand value, too.

Dawn Nicole quickly realized that for everyone to Discover Their Secret Sauce, she’d have to invent a tool which gave guidance and quick access. Therefore, she created an easy to use formula and online assessment called... “What's your secret sauce? ™”, a new-age tool, designed for new-age thinking, in a new-era of relationship building and marketing.

Most people who discover their Secret Sauce will need additional guidance on what it all means for them, how to articulate its value quickly and how to master it. Therefore, GrowGetter broke the, “What's your secret sauce? ™" program into 5 easy modules that will take anyone from beginning to winning!

Dawn Nicole believes, as a nation, we are more than just the percentage of talent we get credit for today. We are a holistic body of innovators, critical thinkers, collaborators and more. She feels, it's time we get credit for being our highest and best selves and more importantly, understand its value to ourselves and to the world around us.

Dawn Nicole wants to welcome you to a world, where your future starts now! Don't wait another moment, discover your SECRET SAUCE now and start taking advantage of all that you have to offer yourself and the world.

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