The Women in Technology-What's Your Secret Sauce? Tour™ National initiative by GrowGetter, was put together to help Women in IT to do the following:

  • Overcome Un-Equal Pay and Job Discrimination:
  • Increase Work-Life Balance:
  • Accelerate Growth Through Collaboration:
  • To Help Women Operate More Purposefully in their IT Professions:


In a Technology Marketplace where more and more women are emerging daily, stalled growth and missed opportunities can be a result of any number of adverse invisible habits. (I.e. ineffective value proposition, lack of confidence, under-utilized skills, failure to state competitive advantage, etc.)

Some of the pain-points our workshop attendees face are:

  • They want to advance within their IT career yet lack a strategy around next steps
  • They find themselves overlooked for duties within their capability
  • They aren't sure how to describe their TOTAL value to a key client, partner or manager
  • They may be in a new Leadership role and not quite sure how to best use the strength of the team
  • They may be on a team with lots of others in this same role and blends in with everyone else
  • They may be looking to collaborate on new initiatives and wants to ensure its success, right out of the gate.
  • They’ve been in IT so long they feel lost in the sauce & can’t pin point their professional passion/purpose


Thru our Secret Sauce strategy insights, we can help Women in IT to overcome their pain-points thru repeatable HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE techniques that lead to the following:

  • How to choose an IT field based on personally meaningful passion!
  • Boosted Confidence to Win More Client Trust!
  • How to conduct More Masterful Collaborations to Complete Projects faster!
  • How to use High-Impact Messaging to Open More Doors!
  • How to Catapult Competitive Advantage to Create an In-Demand Winning Team!
  • How to go from Conflict to Compliment by Capitalizing on Differences to Grow Your Teams!


Companies and Organizations who realize Women in Technology are a fast growing, yet a largely underserved market and are creating initiatives to recognize and empower this population.

  • Business Resource Groups with a Women in IT Focus- Corporate
  • Business Resource Groups with a Women in IT Focus- Government
  • S.T.E.M

Targeted Demographic Contacts

Our targeted focus is around technology-based firms such as IT Staffing Companies, Tech Firms, IT Co-Working Facilities, Women Networking Groups, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies with large technology divisions or representation.

More on The What’s Your Secret Sauce Program Initiative for Women in IT

What's your Secret Sauce? ™” by GrowGetter, is an online tool and full program, designed to help individuals and corporations more quickly identify, appreciate and learn how diversity of experiences, perspectives and styles can be leveraged to create more business value.

Initially introduced as an interactive workshop, The What's Your Secret Sauce? ™ Team, is Launching and Hosting a six-city tour via a series of interactive workshops entitled, “Women in Technology-What's Your Secret Sauce? ™” uniquely designed for Corporate Women in IT, as well as, Women IT Business Owners.

Women IT Professionals, will be invited to spend their morning onsite with our team to discover, develop and market their Secret Sauce better than ever before. Led by a Woman in IT and What's Your Secret Sauce? ™” creator, Dawn Nicole, she wants to encourage "Women in IT" to rise above the titles, assumptions and veil, to find their MUSIC amongst the NOISE of commonality, so that they can maximize the power of team and grow their organizations further by understanding their own Secret Sauce.

More on Details What's Your Secret Sauce?- Women in IT Tour™

  • Mission of this Tour: Helping Women in Technology quickly discover their unique Secret Sauce to better identify, appreciate and leverage its diversity creating a more inclusive culture for added business value.
  • Vision: To grow “The Women in Technology-What's Your Secret Sauce? Tour™” to a National Stage offering this workshop in every major U.S. City especially those identified as having a high Technology Population; as well as having the What's Your Secret Sauce? ™ Program, recognized as a premiere professional development program by Fortune 100 companies by 2019

Top 10 Desired Tour Cities for 2018

  1. San Jose, California
  2. San Francisco, California
  3. Seattle, Washington
  4. Austin, Texas
  5. Salt Lake City, Utah
  6. Boston, Massachusetts
  7. Washington, D.C.
  8. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
  9. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
  10. St. Louis, Missouri
  • This Vision can only be made possible by the collaboration of:

Ø Attendees -Women in IT who register and attend the workshops in each respective city. Career & Independent Professionals.

Ø Financial Sponsors – Corporations or Organizations who assist in the financial funding and expansion of this tour.

Ø In-kind Sponsors – Corporations or Organizations who provide venues, food, gifts or any other Non-Monetary material resources required for this tour, including its expansion.

Ø Partners – Corporations or Organizations who assist in marketing efforts, endorsements or expansion of this tour thru brand awareness across their internal or external platforms for the purposes of driving attendance and participation to our workshops.

Ø Clients -Corporations/Organizations who wish to exclusively enroll into the What’s Your Secret Sauce? ™ Full Professional Development Program for Women in IT who cannot make the tour dates or additional divisions within their organization.

We are actively seeking Corporations and Organizations who wish to play a role in this initiative. If you are interested in having a role in this tour please contact us at 704-709-0329 ext 101 or https://thegrowgetters.com/contact-us/