Women in Technology-What's Your Secret Sauce? For Emerging, Established or Evolving Women in IT.

Are you a woman who: -Has recently been thinking about going into Technology, yet not-sure which role would be a best fit? -Is Already in Technology and wants to maximize your combined skills to bring more business value that leads to more opportunities? -Is looking to advance within your Technology career and needs a strategy around how to present your best value so that you can receive an offer that reflects your true worth? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this workshop is for you as an Emerging, Established and Evolving Woman in IT!

We are inviting Women Technology Professionals, to spend their morning with our team at this HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE, off-site, interactive workshop, which will successfully guide them thru discovering, developing and marketing their Secret Sauce better than ever before!

Come join us for breakfast and learn the following:

  • How to choose an IT field based on personally meaningful purpose!
  • Boosted Confidence to Win More Client Trust!
  • How to conduct More Masterful Collaborations to Complete Projects faster!
  • How to use High-Impact Messaging to Open More Doors!
  • How to Catapult Competitive Advantage to Create an In-Demand Winning Team!
  • How to go from Conflict to Compliment by Capitalizing on Differences to Grow Your Teams!

All Women in Technology are welcome including Career or Entreprenuerial Technology Professionals! #STEM welcomed. Women in Technology, come-out and join us for YOUR BIG SECRET SAUCE REVEAL leaving you with MORE Value than before you came! Corporate teams, Organizations and Colleges Welcome!

About: “What's your Secret Sauce? ™” by GrowGetter, is an online tool and full program, designed to help individuals and corporations more quickly identify, appreciate and learn how diversity of experiences, perspectives and styles can be leveraged to create more business value. As a specialty workshop uniquely designed for Women in IT, it is our mission thru this multi-city tour, to help Women in Technology quickly discover their unique Secret Sauce to better identify, appreciate and leverage its diversity creating a more inclusive culture for added business value. Led by Dawn Nicole, National Key Note Speaker and Published Author who holds an Agile Scrum Master Certification and has been a Woman in Technology for many years during her corporate career. She wants to encourage "Women in IT" to rise above the titles, assumptions and veil, to find their MUSIC amongst the NOISE of commonality, so that they can maximize the power of team and grow their organizations further by understanding their own Secret Sauce!



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