• Another Broken Egg Cafe (map)
  • 11324 North Community House Road
  • Charlotte, NC, 28277
  • United States

Secret Sauce Discovery Workshop

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You will learn:

  •  Discover Your Secret Sauce- Learn what makes you different and discover the value of your Secret Sauce!
  • Secret Sauce Super Power Report- Learn what your Secret Sauce means to you, your partners and the people you work for to better leverage your powers in the most effective way.
  •  Master the Message around Your Secret Sauce- Learn how to MORE POWERFULLY articulate your VALUE in 60 Seconds for maximum impact. Never Guess How to Present Your Best.
  • Shop Your Secret Sauce- Learn how to attract and act on your best A-list customers, on site. Network more successfully, by going where people are, who already want what you offer.
  • Boss Your Secret Sauce- Learn how to experience the ONE-SHOT WIN using our H.A.P.P.Y closing technique. Designed as an easy way to navigate thru that tough decision-making meeting with prospects or interviewers, corporate teams everywhere are raving about the effectiveness of H.A.P.P.Y